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Your Choice for Deck or Patio Installations in Northwest BC

Let the professionals at Kleanza Construction help you turn your outdoor space into a place to relax and reconnect with your family and friends. Located in Terrace, we specialize in building elegant wooden decks and patios in northwest BC. Our experienced staff will help you decide what is best for you and your family. We can custom-design and build every deck and patio specifically that best suits the lifestyle and preferences of your family.


At Kleanza Construction, we believe that the right textures, unique designs, and prompt construction, transform your outdoor space that will literally change the way you feel about your property. With our deck and patio building services, you can feel like you are on a vacation without leaving home.


We offer decks and patios of various materials, including:

Wood (Cedar or treated)


Stamped Concrete Patio and Backyard Finishes

Kleanza Construction specializes in increasing the curb appeal of your home with custom stamped concrete patio and backyard finishes in northwest BC.
We pay attention to detail and work diligently to provide the desired results based on your specific requirements.


Contact us today to learn more about Kleanza Construction’s difference and its services.


We are committed to transforming your backyard into your favourite place.

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