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Metal Roofing and Cladding in Northwest BC

As a general contracting company, Kleanza Construction has been providing metal roofing services in northwest BC for over 20 years. Elegant and enduring, metal roofing and cladding are highly valued due to their durability, strength, and energy efficiency. They have also been a popular choice for commercial buildings. However, now they are gaining popularity among residential clients.


Our experienced personnel at Kleanza Construction believe that metal roofing is a valuable investment for your home or business. Replacing your traditional asphalt shingle roofing with metal roofing can make a difference in your energy bills. We go beyond your expectations when it comes to meeting your needs, including the installation, repair, and replacement of metal roofing and cladding.


We can install metal roofing, cladding, snow stoppers, and trusses for various properties, including:





Log homes

A Little More on Roof Trusses and Snow Stoppers

We can also set up roof trusses based on your unique needs. These trusses can maximize job efficiency while providing a cost-effective alternative to steel beams.
If you are in need of roof truss installations in northwest BC, our professionals can help you.


Anyone who has spent even a single winter in northwest BC is most probably familiar with the concept of installing snow stoppers for roofing systems. It is one of the best ways to prevent sudden avalanche from your roof that will occur when the snowfall starts. If you do not have one on your property, then give us a call today .

We can install it for you.


Metal roofing is durable, elegant, and stand up to the challenging weather conditions in northwest BC.

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In Business Since 1997, We’re Your Top Choice!

From excavation and concrete to metal roofing and siding, and other general contractor services, we can do it all.

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